Jack Daniel's Rested Rye Batch 002 Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey



40% ABV

80 Proof

The Rested Rye has spent two years in new charred American oak, which qualifies it as a straight rye whisky. Again available only in small batches, the rested rye remains a true teaching label. Showing the mass majority of new whiskey imbibers how a spirit changes in a barrel over the years.

The Rested Rye release continues the Jack Daniels expedition into the captivating flavour drawn from the first Unaged Rye offering. This time around the spice character from the Unaged Rye grain remains but the rye whiskey has rested in the barrelhouse meaning the barrels have begun to assert their toasted oak and vanilla notes into the rye whiskey. Though not quite mature, this Rested Rye whiskey offers a hint of the full potential of the Tennessee Rye. It has been produced from a mash bill of 70% rye, 18% corn and 12% malted barley and was aged for two years in new barrels with a combination of toasting levels. This mash bill is the first new mash bill used at the Jack Daniel Distillery in over a century.