Barrell Batch 020 Bourbon Whiskey



53.35% ABV

106.7 Proof

The nose on this batch is leathery with plenty of seasoned oak and peppery spice. It sweetens as it opens in the glass with candied orange peel, Werther’s Originals, a little praline, and creamed corn. The palate is medium-bodied, not quite oily, and initially a little hot for its proof. More of the Tennessee whiskey seems to come across at first with that familiar, rustic raw corn and fresh grist note. A little caramel and chocolate fudge arrive on the mid-palate and things begin to grow progressively sweeter with a warming, easy spice that evokes cinnamon Red Hots and clove chewing gum. The finish sees everything come together in a harmony of kettle corn, citrus candies, and cigar box. A nice marriage of both styles that shows why Barrell is proud to be called a blender.